IT: It's Not (Just) About the Money....

20 November

Posted by Tom Murphy

Skills & Training
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The latest study from the Transform to Better Perform initiative reports that IT workers globally are lacking the skills needed to embrace the IT Transformation. Specifically, they say their top 3 weaknesses are exactly the skillsets needed to transform: application development (37%), software engineering (34%) and data analysis (also 34%). This is a major factor that has left 2/3 of companies at the starting line for transformation. Companies say they can't compete on salaries for these skills -- and, true, Facebook, Google and other big tech companies have deeper pockets. But they can compete by creating opportunities that address other needs of IT pros, like giving the lost of room to innovate and solve the company's biggest challenges or showing them the real advantages of living in different parts of the country (eg: a one-bedroom apartment in Silicon Valley goes for over $3,000 a month. In some other cities, it's a few hundred dollars.). And business leaders need to show more respect for the IT crew -- they are the ones who will turn that river of big data into dollars that feed the bottom line. So, i'ts not (just) about the money. Companies everywhere can find the right talent if they think creatively. Do you agree?

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