Meet the New Leaders in Business

2 December

Posted by Tom Murphy

Hybrid IT
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If your company is "planning" to move to new hybrid cloud technologies, it is falling far, far behind. Let's take a minute to acknowledge there are new leaders in the world of business -- the 7 percent of companies whose IT teams can proudly say their new systems are already "up and running." These companies have finished the hard part and are now building on their advantage by putting these new systems to work. That means while others work towards completing their installations, these companies are building new apps, monitoring more data about their customers, widening their profit margins and expanding their lead in whatever industry they serve. Hats off to them. It will be harder of laggards to catch up to them now, but if I were a CIO still on the road to transformation, I'd redouble my efforts and call in some help. Quickly.

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