Transformation and Regulation

3 December

Posted by Tom Murphy

Apps & DevOps
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Simon Legg, executive director of IT for PRA Health Sciences, made a great point about transformation at CIO Roundtable produced by the BPI Network in London last month. He noted that as companies in highly regulated industries like healthcare produced new products and services through a waterfall development process, regulations tended to surface in the same waterfall process. This has created a conflict as health (and finance?) companies embrace new agile development methods that bypass the traditional waterfall process. He points out regulators will need to adapt so that we don't end up with agile development and waterfall regulations. Stay tuned as we watch the duel between fast-moving corporations and sluggish bureaucratic agencies. (You can also watch Pegg's exact comments on the video at http://www.reinventdatacenters.com/transformtech-tv

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