5 Key Trends Emerging in APAC 2016

3 December

Posted by Lauren Mundell

Hybrid IT
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I came across this article today that brings up some very interesting trends within the APAC region. The author, Adrian, makes 5 solid points that he claims will, "continue to shape both the IT and business landscapes in Asia Pacific for 2016".His five trends are:
1. Traditional enterprises will transform into digital native

2. Smart companies will build smart cities

3. Cross-modal IT will unify business silos

4. Multicloud will enable transregional business

5. Skills shortage will spark a talent pursuit

I wanted to hear some perspective from what others thought about where this region is going. Do you think Adrian's 5 trends are realistic to the future of the APAC region? Here is the full article: http://bit.ly/1XLzHbO

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Tom Murphy

Name: Tom Murphy
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Tom Murphy 3 years ago

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