Content, Your Network and 5G Mobile

17 December

Posted by Tom Murphy

The Data Dilemma
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In the US, Verizon plans to start installing 5G in 2016. What does that mean to your network? While all network content is increasing, video constitutes the fastest growing portion by far, largely by the virtue of its sky high data consumption. And the fastest rising audience is viewing that data on mobile devices. But video is still problematic, even on 4G LTE. These problems will be solved with 5G, and you can expect soaring demand for video when it becomes the dominant standard. This includes not only those who watch Fast and Furious while waiting at the airport, but salespeople who show video and other high-data-use content with clients. If that isn't happening yet at your company, you can be it's happening at competitors and that your salespeople will soon be pushing you for the same. The big question is: is your network up to that? And what's the fastest way to get it there? Is this part of your transformation plan, because it should be? The attached video from Light Reading tells of the advance of 5G.

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